Born in Dallas, Tx on June 22, 1977
From a broken family upbringing,
parents divorced when he was a young boy.
He is the only musician in the family with
the exception of his mother who sings gospel.
He is the oldest of three children including
him and two younger sisters.
He didn't have much growing up
but it was enough and his parents
worked hard and did the best they could.
Got into music when he was a little boy,
listening to his parents' old recordings
of Ronnie Laws, Al Jarreau,
Stevie Wonder, and many others.
The music they played soothed him and
helped him get through a troubled childhood.
It was no surprise that later he would
decide to make his own music.

Fondest Memory in Music: When I played with Asoto Union in Seoul.
I learned so much about stage presence and how to play to the crowd;
those guys were like family to me, and when we played together it was like
we had been together our whole livesÓ

Performance History
Performed as a saxophonist in concert bands, jazz ensembles, jazz combos, and variety bands
Has performed for thousands of people throughout S. Korea, the U.S., and Japan.
Performed in numerous joint concerts to include concerts aired on KBS television in S. Korea
Toured and recorded with the award winning funk band Asoto Union in S. Korea.
Performed jazz, R&B, and funk music in numerous clubs in S. Korea and Japan.
Worked as a saxophonist in Latin Bands, Salsa Bands, Rock Bands, and Gospel Choirs.
Has composed, arranged, and produced songs with other music artists and currently working on
first solo album and a new record label.

Music Education Years Attended (Ex: 1995 - 97)
Texas A&M Commerce Commerce, Texas

Music Performance Years Attended (Ex: 1998 - 99)
Univ. of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas

High Points
Shaddow has a distinct style that is soulful, warm and powerful all at the same time.
It has been said that the music he plays makes people feel like dancing.
Shaddow's music just makes people feel good
His music has aspects of jazz, funk and r&b infused in it that creates a vibe like no other.
Words from Shaddow: My goal in music is simply to make music the whole world can feel,
and my goal in life is to realize my dream of becoming the best saxophonist I can be and
performing, producing and composing the best music in the worldÓ

Favorite Quote: Believe in yourself and never stop chasing your dreams !